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Many people want to know about me so I will try and lay out some facts for you. I'm not your typical candidate. I'm not a politician, I'm a Soldier. I'm a regular person that knows what it's like to work and struggle trying to get by. I don't come from a place of prominence, and I wasn't born with good fortune. Everything in my life I have busted my hands and back for (literally).

I was born in Florida and have called WNY my home since 1991. I grew up to a single mom with 2 kids living in low-income housing. I have seen my mom get denied for government service because she made $25 too much money in a pay period. I have been a single parent, I have been broke, I have been a homeless Veteran with no help. I've had friends die from drug overdoses from drugs that came across our border.

(R.I.P Kristy R.I.P. Aunia we love you and miss you every day)

I know what people's issues are, because I have lived those issues myself. I didn't have to read about it or have someone give me political talking points to be able to relate.

People ask me "Why do you want to run for Congress?".

I want to run for the House of Representatives because the people need a voice in Congress that knows what their life is like and knows what they have gone through. Our current "Representative" has forgotten what his job is and who he works for. All the Representatives work for US: "We the People." This is a representative government of the people, elected by the people, and working for the people at the consent of the people. How many of us feel represented? How many of these "Representatives" know what it's like to overdraft your account for gas because payday is still 3 days away? I DO.  This is "why" I'm running for U.S. Congress. I hope I can earn your vote.

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